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Info on calling abroad, calling cards, internet connectivity, news etc.

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When you move and your language no longer applies, ordinary tasks, like making a phone call, posting a letter, sending an email, reading a newspaper in your own language, may become a challenge.

Do you want to keep up with friends, family, and the world affairs? Paguro gets you started!


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Stay in touch with family and friends worldwide now with ezetop

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Calling Abroad

Keep these important numbers available to allow you to call abroad.

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Connectivity and ISP

How to stay connected to internet when on the road.

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Mobile phones

The jungle of mobile phone systems worldwide explained

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Online news

A list of websites that broadcast news or programmes in many different languages covering various countries.

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Phone, calling cards, VoIP

How to keep your expenses down and still stay in touch with your loved ones back home and with your friends around the world.

Phone, calling cards, VoIP - Read More…

World - TV systems

Not all TVs work in all countries! Watch out for systems and zones!

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