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When it comes to food, there is no limit to the variety and novelty in the world. Still each one of us has tastes and needs for foods that come from our backgrounds. In a foreign country, sometimes, you have to become creative when shopping for food if you are trying to stick to your traditional cuisine.

This section is about how to get around the lack of ingredients, how to make the most of  what you can find in the shops and to discover the wonders of wordl produces.

Fruits and vegetables of the world

A growing collection of fresh products that will allow any expat to do grocery shopping with ease anywhere in the world

Fruits and vegetables of the world - Read More…

Conversion of Unit Measures

From metric to imperial and vice versa, including cooking units of measure

Conversion of Unit Measures - Read More…

How to Get Around the Lack of Ingredients

Ways and means to get over the occasional obstacles of daily life in the kitchen.

How to Get Around the Lack of Ingredients - Read More…

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