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How to Expat

The how to guide for planning a move overseas






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Moving requires good planning. A thorough collection of your personal and household paperwork is a necessity. The documents to have ready are insurance, financial, medical, personal and educational files, as well as your immigration documents (passports, visa, import permits).

It is important to remember to keep all these files with you and not pack them in your shipment. Paguro has listed it all for you, together with advice on where to start.

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Education File

The file to keep at hand when relocating overseas and need to enroll your children in school

Education File - Read More…

Documents to Update

Paguro has compiled for you a list of documents to collect and to be kept updated, when moving around the world. If you know it all and more, we would like to hear from you. Send us your comments.

Documents to Update - Read More…

Financial File or 'Family File'

It is important for expatriates to have a firm grasp on the fact that many situations change when they live abroad. It is dangerous for new expatriates to assume that things are dealt with in the same way as in their home country. Travelling often adds a level of complexity to the organisation and filing of all personal papers that are important. Paguro explains why creating a 'Family File' is so crucial for expats.

Financial File or 'Family File' - Read More…

Global Investment

When it comes to investment, the world has shrunk and expats are better positioned than others to take advantage of it.

Global Investment - Read More…

Inventory List

When you move, you need to have an overview of all your belongings. This is important both for property insurance and shipment insurance, and most necessary in order to get the insurance value correct! Such a list also makes it easier to check if something has been damaged during shipment.

Inventory List - Read More…

A List of Items You Must Carry for Pets

Travelling with pets to a foreign country can be a little tricky, so benefit from a little experience and find here some useful suggestions.

A List of Items You Must Carry for Pets - Read More…

How to Get Around the Lack of Ingredients

Ways and means to get over the occasional obstacles of daily life in the kitchen.

How to Get Around the Lack of Ingredients - Read More…

Learning Languages

Being an expat goes hand in hand with learning languages. Which are the methods, schools and tools to shortcut learning a new language or retaining a known one?

Learning Languages - Read More…

Move and Travel Lists

Nearly done, the last stretch prior to getting in the car or on the plane ready to reach the next destination. Have you got it all right?

Move and Travel Lists - Read More…

Moving with Your Pets

Moving to a new country with your pet? Then here is some information you need to have, to do it right.

Moving with Your Pets - Read More…

Moving with Your Cat

Moving cats across the globe can be a challenge. How the cats react to the changes can vary, but there are some common-sense rules to be followed to avoid losing your pet or creating unnecessary stress for them.

Moving with Your Cat - Read More…

Pensions and expats

Retirement plan and expats remind of oil and water, they just don't mix. But if you work on it you can make then stick together in an emulsion. An issue that is not to be left last. Take the matter in your hands and plan it.If you think of reading this text to find a solution to your expat pension's problem, we are sorry to disappoint you: there aren't any at the moment. The scope is to make you aware of the issue, to give you a snapshot of the situation and some suggestions on how to address the segmentation and defragmentation of a retirement plan resulting from an expatriate career.

Pensions and expats - Read More…

Services and people to inform of the move

Useful list of people and services to inform of the move and few other useful tips

Services and people to inform of the move - Read More…

Moving Abroad with Seniors

Moving abroad is stressful for all, but even more so for elderly people. How can you minimize this stress?

Moving Abroad with Seniors - Read More…

Shipment quotation

The basics you need to know to be able to "decode" and compare your shipment's quotations.

Shipment quotation - Read More…

Tax and Expatriates

Expatriates should be aware of the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of dealing not with one, but two countries when it comes to filing their taxes.

Tax and Expatriates - Read More…

Temporary Accommodation Kit

What to take with you and what to do, while staying in temporary accomodation.

Temporary Accommodation Kit - Read More…

Temporary Accommodation

Some expatriates are helped by relocation agencies in finding temporary accommodation. For those who aren't, or for those who still prefer to find the perfect accommodation for themselves, here is a list of companies that are present in various locations worldwide. If you wish to add to this list please contact us.

Temporary Accommodation - Read More…

To do before departure

Time is ticking and you need to get ready to leave the country, here is a schedule for the last few weeks that could help setting the priorities.

To do before departure - Read More…

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