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Expatriates have to be prepared to face unexpected events, it is part of the job description
Fraud and Theft
What you need to know to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud or identity theft.
Death Abroad
Divorce Abroad
Having a clear idea of what getting a divorce abroad entails and how a divorce in a foreign country can affect you and your children, is important.
Health insurance and Emergency Support Companies
When traveling abroad, situations that are easily taken care of in your home country can become a challenge to deal with, if you are not prepared. To know the emergency numbers to call, be they the fire department, the police or medical assistance is important, more important though is knowing what to do if there are NO emergency numbers! In which case, having secured who can provide help in a crisis, is paramount. In such a situation knowing the name and number of your health care provider or insurance agent or least your employer's office phone number and who to contact is imperative.
Financial File or 'Family File'
It is important for expatriates to have a firm grasp on the fact that many situations change when they live abroad. It is dangerous for new expatriates to assume that things are dealt with in the same way as in their home country. Travelling often adds a level of complexity to the organisation and filing of all personal papers that are important. Paguro explains why creating a 'Family File' is so crucial for expats.
Identity Theft
Precautions for how to avoid identity theft.
Getting Married Abroad
A method to obtain private information from unaware people and access bank or credit card accounts.

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