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Why join Paguro?

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Find Connect Share with PaguroDo you feel like a piece of driftwood in the middle of the ocean? 
Do you have no one to relate to and people around you don’t share  
or understand your lifestyle? 
Do you have specific questions you just can’t find answers to?
Do you want to feel grounded but ... where to plant your roots?

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Then it is time to JOIN PAGURO
and connect with like-minded people the world over.

Paguro is your site if

… You are moving to a new country…
… You are baffled by the bureaucracy, customs and traditions in your adopted country…
… You would like to meet other expatriates …
… You need answers to all sorts of questions any newcomer might have…
… You wish to share your knowledge with your fellow expats …

FIND information I CONNECT with the expatriate community I SHARE your experience


For all of the newcomers, welcome to Paguro, the online home for the expatriate community! 
For everyone else, welcome back!

Why Paguro? 

cute hermit-crab photoPaguro is italian for hermit-crab, a creature widely spread out around the world, who changes shell from time to time and is very vulnerable during the transition, just like all expats.

Paguro is the expat borderless country with fellow citizens found everywhere, a country for which you need no visa!

Expats, within their kaleidoscope of nationalities, languages, customs and religions, share common interests and have common needs which result in a culture all of their own.

We move from one country to another, adjusting to languages, currencies, plugs, voltage systems, dvd formats, as well as customs, mentalities, attitudes and cultures...
each transition generates a different emotion
each move we learn something new
each time, (like a paguro :-), we leave a shell to enter a new one

Save and share your unique understanding of the world on Paguro
Each Paguro member has a personal web-space - my paguro, a shell that will keep growing and never needs to be left behind.